Dragon Boat Festivity, Taiwanese Flavors, Traditional Feelings


During the Dragon Boat Festival, the streets and alleys of Taiwan are filled with the fragrance of rice dumplings. This holiday is not only a day to commemorate Qu Yuan but also a time for Taiwanese people to gather and savor the taste of home. Making rice dumplings, hanging mugwort, and drinking realgar wine are customs rich with Taiwanese cultural essence, telling stories passed down through generations.

In Taiwan, rice dumplings come in a variety of types, including meat dumplings, red bean dumplings, and alkaline water dumplings, each with a unique flavor that embodies the warmth of family gatherings and a love for life. Friends gather, share food, and toast in celebration—this is the most heartwarming scene of the Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan.

This e-card carries the blessings of the Dragon Boat Festival and the deep human touch of Taiwan. We hope it conveys these wonderful wishes to you. Let us feel the warmth of the Dragon Boat Festival together, savor traditional delicacies, and cherish every moment spent with family and friends.

Wishing you a happy Dragon Boat Festival, good health, and a fulfilling life. May this blessing from Taiwan bring you endless joy and happiness.